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- its been a hard day's night!

If 'Work hard, Play harder' is your motto, this entertainment guide is certainly the tonic you need. What's more, you've moved to just the right place. Europe may be known for its cafes and fashion shows, Africa for its safaris, India for Bollywood movies. But no country matches America in pushing the limits on the entertainment options it offers its denizens. Whatever your interest - sports, music, vacations, adventure, food - there's always enough to do and more, for new immigrants and migrants.

In fact, the plethora of "things to do" gets mind-boggling. When I first moved to the US, leisure time usually meant going to the movies, or to the occasional sports game. But as time passed, I learnt of other activities one could easily participate in - some alone, some with your companion, some with the kids. Many of these do not require any prior training or preparation, and often cost much less than you think.

So next time you wake up on a Saturday morning, and wonder what plans to have for the weekend, just refer this entertainment guide. From identifying the best night club for an evening out to the best destination for a 10 day vacation, this guide will walk you through specific entertainment ideas and options, as tried and tested by our readers.

Broadway Theatre

River Cruise

Mini Golf

Petting Zoo

Theme Park


Safari Park

Keep checking back. More entertainment categories are continually being added!

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