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Keep watching this page for new updates coming soon to the Moving to America Guide.

The Moving to America Guide is an amalgamation of real life user experiences, money-saving tips, and stress-busting guidance and advice. New content is continually added, and existing content updated based on user feedback and reviews of new products and services hitting the market.

This page will keep you informed of the latest developments and topics on the anvil.

Here's what to expect in the coming weeks and months:

  • Insurance Guide. Unlocking the secrets of all kinds of insurance
    • What does insurance mean?
    • What are the critical kinds of insurance you must have? Medical? Dental? Vision? Prescription? Auto? Home? Renter's?
    • What is COBRA? What is Medicare/Medicaid?
    • What are other kinds of insurance good to have? Life? Travel? Disability?
    • How do you apply for insurance?
    • Who are the vendors our readers recommend? Why? Is the lowest premium always the deciding factor?
    • What are the pitfalls to look out for?

  • Tax Guide. Highlighting tax issues in the US.
    • Who is supposed to files taxes in the US?
    • Are state taxes and federal taxes filed separately? What is the difference between the two?
    • When are taxes to be filed
    • How are taxes to be filed?
    • Who can help me file taxes?

  • Childcare Guide. Especially useful when both parents are working and need options to arrange care for younger children
    • What kind of childcare options are available out there? Nannies? Au pairs? Day cares?
    • How do you find a good caregiver?
    • Our readers' recommendations on the best day care centers in different areas, and their costs

  • Movers and Packers Guide. When you're moving addresses and need help in packing and transporting goods and furniture
    • Types of moving options. Self-arranged and professional companies
    • How to prepare for movers and packers?
    • Pitfalls you must avoid
    • Our readers' recommendations on the best moving companies, rental truck options, per hour hiring

  • The Real People Corner
    • You choose the topic! Any topic under the sun, that's relevant to immigrants and migrants moving to America
    • And then watch advice come in from fellow readers - the Real People who've been there, done that
So if you yet have questions we haven't answered in this Moving to America Guide, do let us know. We'll certainly consider including them in the Coming Soon! section for a forthcoming update.

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