Visa Guide
- for a safe and legal stay in the US

A website for immigrants and migrants moving to America wouldn't be complete without a visa guide. After all, every non-citizen who's come to work or live legally in the US is on some visa status or the other.

First some disclaimers, though. The Moving-to-America guide is an informational site only. It does not purport to give any legal advice whatsoever. Secondly, immigration law is complex and is continually being updated, as new legislation take effect. So any information you read here should only be viewed as people's account of their past experiences on visa matters, not an accurate or updated version of current laws. Finally, notwithstanding laws and past experiences, every individual situation is different. What may have been applicable to someone else, therefore, may not apply to you.

Having said that, many of us have general questions on visa issues - whether pertaining to ourselves, our employers, or family members. What this visa guide does do is point you to additional resources that proved useful to others when they moved to America. Most people face similar concerns and queries on green cards, H1 and L1 visas, business visas, dependent visas, visit visas for parents and friends, and so on. Hopefully, this site will point you in the right direction on many of these queries.

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