The 'Small Things' you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask

Life is built on big dreams, ambitions, aspirations. But its also made up of small things, the things that get you by in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living. When you move to America, a disruption to your normal routine is bound to happen. And you'll often find yourself not knowing how to get those little things done. The small stuff that you take for granted in your home country.

Here are examples of some of the niggling issues I faced, when I moved to America.

  • How do you get a flat tyre changed?
  • When you buy window blinds or furniture from the store, should you assemble them yourself or get it professionally done?
  • Is it ok to drink tap water from hotel bathrooms?
  • Is internet shopping safe?
  • Is it worth the effort to collect discount coupons

Know what I mean? None of the small things are critical, and eventually you'll get by. But wouldn't it be nice to share and learn from other's experiences, and get even the little things right first time, rather than stumbling your way through?

This section of the website is dedicated to all such "small things", and is continually replenished with your views and learnings.

One important tip. This site notwithstanding, if you ever get stuck, find a contraption unfamiliar to use or are generally uncomfortable about something - no matter how small or obvious - ASK. Don't feel shy or embarrased. Direct communication is a very American trait, and the Americans around you will always be friendly and eager to assist.

So, here goes:

  • How do you get a flat tyre changed?
  • Is it ok to drink tap water from hotel bathrooms?
  • How do you install blinds or furniture that you buy unassembled from the store?

  • Want to ask a 'small thing'? Share a small tip?

    If you have a question to ask (no matter how small or silly it might seem) OR if you have a small tip to share (again, no matter how trivial), please let us know.

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