The romance of a river cruise

A river cruise is a romantic and relaxing way to spend an evening or a languid weekend afternoon. Almost all major American cities are built on a waterway. Its therefore not hard to find a suitable cruise line that offers recreational water tours.

Since this section is about entertainment more than sport or shipping, I am not talking of transportation ferries here. Nor am I talking of exploratory or adventure cruises down say, the Mississipi. What I am recommending are also referred to as luxury cruises or dinner cruises - basically a leisurely 2 to 3 hour trip up and down the local watercourse (ocean cruises excluded).

Most of these cruises offer an excellent meal, dancing and live music. You can relax on the deck or stay indoors. Most boats have glass windows to give you a continual view of the water while you sit and relax. A luxury cruise usually costs around $50-$100 per person. But I would absolutely recommend it as a great way to make merry on a birthday or commemorate an anniversary in style. That's what I chose when I celebrated my wedding anniversary the first time in America.

A river cruise is also a fine idea for a professional celebration. Decks or whole boats are often available for hire and a 3 hour cruise presents a great setting for office parties, team dinners or Christmas get-togethers.

Here are some recommended cruise lines and the cities they serve:

Hornblower (San Francisco and Southern California - Newport Beach, San Diego)

Odyssey Cruises (Boston, Chicago, Washington DC)

Spirit Cruises (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Norfolk)

Also check out the following web resources for information on cruises in a variety of other locations in the US:

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