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Hotels are always an option for short term stays in the initial days of moving to America. But living out of a four-star hotel for more than a few days can be expensive, notwithstanding the availability issue. Fortunately, America has several hospitality chains that run 'extended stay' hotels. These hotels provide rooms (or more often, suites with kitchen facilities) at bulk rates for extended periods of time - say a month or longer. Rates typically vary from $35/night to $120/night, depending on location, duration and time of year.

Here are some good 'aggregator' websites that can help you check availability of a variety of extended stay hotels in different locations:

In addition to sites like the above, standard hotel reservation sites like and can also be used to check availability of extended stay hotels. And finally, you could go to the hotel chain's website directly. Some of the extended stay chains recommended by our readers include:

But what if you wanted to optimize even more? What if you wanted to avoid a hotel altogether - either because your family needed more space, or you simply wanted to save more money? What you really need in that case is a short term lease/rental apartment. A place to live in for a couple of months until you get familiar with the location and are able to choose a more permanent dwelling.

The problem with short term apartments: there are very few out there. For obvious reasons, landlords prefer longer term arrangements. And even when a limited term rental is available, it might not always be furnished. Leaving you with the additional problem of renting furniture.

Here are some apartment chains in different cities that our readers have recommended for shorter duration stays:

(Please note, the Moving to America guide endorses no particular vendor or company, and cannot take responsibility for the service or lack thereof at any of these options)

(If you can't find the location of your interest, keep checking back. Options get continually added)

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