Finding the Best Shopping Deals

Shopping deals is a broad term that collectively refers to ways you can beat 'regular' store prices for the same item.

Shopping deals and bargains can be of many kinds:

  1. A discount given via a coupon. For details, refer the section on discount coupons.

  2. A rebate, usually given against a mail-in coupon. For details, refer the section on mail-in rebates.

  3. A cash back. This is like an instant cash reward, usually a small percentage of the sale value, that is returned to the purchaser when the sale happens. Cash backs can be awarded on every transaction, or when a buyer reaches a certain minimum purchase threshold. A cash back is usually made possible by the middleman, who parts with a share of his commission for the sale.

  4. Exceptional financing terms. For more on this, refer the section on no payments, no interest.

  5. Promotional 'limited-time' sales run by different retailers.
There are websites that track shopping bargains; show prices for a searched product across multiple retailers; and provide user feedback and ratings on different brands. These sites don't sell the product themselves, but act as a one-stop portal to connect to retailers who do. Such websites are referred to as 'shopping bots.' Shopping bots troll the internet and enable comparison shopping by gathering information on a product across retailers. They are thus a very productive tool for online purchases.

Some well-known and effective shopping bots, especially for household goods, are listed below:

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