Furniture Store Recommendations

"Which furniture store did you buy that piece from?" Haven't you often heard that refrain? 'Good' furniture stores are difficult to come by, and we all appreciate - and crave - reliable recommendations.

When you move to America and set up your new home, furniture is an obvious purchase you'll make. Furniture sets the tone of your house, and becomes reflective of your tastes, personality, even status. I remember spending several weekends doing the rounds of shopping malls and plazas, in search of a store that was affordable but tasteful and unique.

This section provides a compilation of the furniture stores I, and readers like me, have come to recommend. All these stores are either regionwide/nationwide, or have an online presence and can deliver anywhere in America (purely local stores have been excluded). Tastes in furniture are a strictly individual matter, and differ widely from person to person. All the same, I hope you can take advantage of the hours and hours of time, effort and money I have spent in furniture hunting, and can begin your own shopping expeditions better researched and better prepared.

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