Driver Manual - the primary study guide for a learner's permit

The Driver Manual (also known as Driver's Manual or Driver Handbook) is an official document published by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency in each state. It outlines the rules and procedures for obtaining a driver's license in that state.

Every state requires a new driver to first get a learner's permit, before qualifying for a full-fledged driver's license. One of the requirements for obtaining a learner's permit is to pass a written, multiple-choice test. The state's Driver's Manual is the primary study guide for this test. Almost all questions can be answered on the basis of material in the Manual.

The Driver Manual is not just a tool to pass the test - it provides critical information for good driving practices as well. It outlines rules of the road - when to pass, when to go, speed limits, safety regulations to follow. It also provides guidance on special driving situations, road signs and their meanings and vehicle registration and insurance requirements. The driver manual is truly all you need to gain a thorough understanding of driving in America.

Driver manuals are state-specific. Manuals for the most populous states are provided below - choose the link relevant to you. If your state does not show up in the list, click on the last link. That will guide you to DMV sites for all 50 states,and you can download the document directly from your state's website.







New Jersey

New York


Maryland (Part 1) Part 2




DMV sites for all 50 states

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