Recommended calling card services

When I first arrived in the US six years ago, options for calling card services were few. You would usually go to a grocery store and buy a prepaid phone card for say $10. You would then physically scratch off the card to reveal a pin number.

These days, thankfully, one can easily compare rates and buy good, 'virtual' calling cards right off the internet.

As to specific recommendations, our readers speak highly of the following calling card companies. Most of these companies allow you to register multiple phone numbers, then make calls from those numbers seamlessly without typing in a pin. Also available are a variety of prepaid billing options and denominations. The rates are quite competitive to a variety of countries, although each of these cards specialize in providing really low rates to a few selected countries like India, China or Mexico.

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If you've had a good (or bad) experience with a particular calling card, whether in general or specific to a particular country, let us know.

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